solution encompasses the Buy-Side and Sell-Side functionality for large construction companies

Products and Solutions

Virinchi TPIA

CPE - Turnkey Project Implementation Application

Key Features:

  • RFQ based Procurement
  • Catalog based Procurement
  • Auction based Procurement
  • Bid Management
  • Award Management
  • e-Logistics
  • Work Flow
  • Bulk Upload
  • Negotiated Settlement
  • Demand Aggregation
  • Document Management
  • Commerce Messenger

Virinchi TPIA is a web-based system for carrying out the Business-to-Business transactions on the Internet, including the multi-modal procurement and the exchange of business documents. The TPIA is the domain dependent application instance (verticalization) of the CPE for the Construction industry. Virinchi Turnkey Project Implementation Application is a Multi Buyer and a Multi seller environment.

The solution encompasses the Buy-Side functionality for large construction companies and Sell-Side functionality for all construction related suppliers, and also provides for fulfillment cycle with an interface to the logistics providers. The solution comprises of four base engines of procurement viz. Catalog, RFQ, Auction and Bid and this supported by various modules that provide functionality for Supplier Relationship Management, Project Collaboration, Community Collaborator, Document Management, Content Management, Security Suite and Portal/Company Administration.

The solution provides for an external interface for Inter-Enterprise Transactions and leverages on an organization’s existing systems (ERPs / Legacy Systems), which address the Intra-Enterprise functionality. This concept conceives an extended enterprise where the Suppliers/Vendors, Customers, Third-Party Service Providers and other Value Added Service providers form an integrated network. This enables the tracking of each Asset across various sites spread all over the world, enabling users to better use the services of the Asset available and to reduce idle time.

Virinchi’s solution has a mechanism for capturing the ad-hoc requests via Purchase Requisitions, but even in such cases an optimized procurement is enabled via Demand Aggregation functionality. The Demand Aggregation functionality enables consolidating the ad-hoc requests from across the organization and the negotiated route of procurement brings in the much-required cost advantages. The fulfillment module of the solution facilitates for centralized procurement and distributed delivery.

The Catalog manager provides a supplier interface for their product catalogs. The Bid and Award management features enable the suppliers to manage the quotation, negotiation and the fulfillment processes.