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Data Mapping & Conversion Tool

Virinchi Data Mapping and Conversion Tool
Virinchi Mapper is for meeting the need for data integrity and perfect synchronization of data/information between various disparate systems. It has comprehensive functionality to enable organizations meet their goals with respect to the need of mapping data/information across various databases.

Virinchi Mapper enables users to create connections between various disparate databases and map data directly from the existing database columns to target database columns. Once this mapping is done, the tool enables users to generate XML documents of the mappings providing an advantage when compared to writing SQL scripts and run them on target databases.

A broad overview of the tools functionality is as follows:

  • XML Document Mapping
  • XML DB Mapping

The Document Mapping functionality allows attribute level mapping of XML-based business documents and generate the mapping documents. The resultant map document would be stored in the repository for the document processing applications to use and perform data interchange between two document standards.

The DB Mapping functionality facilitates exchange of data between disparate applications like collaborative commerce, Marketplace enablement, Intra Enterprise Application integration, supporting various XML Standards and Solutions. Database Mapper allows mapping the columns of one table of a database with other by generating the mapping documents. The Database Mapper works similar to Document mapper, with additional feature of generating the XML Schema for the database specified. The generated schema contains the information of all the tables and relationships of the data source specified.

Using the above mapping functionality, most of the data exchanging processes can be automated for business document exchange and database-to-database data exports.