provides secure floating of tender details and submission of bids for authorized users

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Virinchi eTendering
The eTendering system facilitates large companies floating tenders for Works/Services inviting bids from various registered suppliers. The Tender floated has details of the work/Service being sought, approximate value of work, Bill of Quantity, conditions, relevant dates, payment information in terms of Earnest money deposit to be submitted by the Bidder and Bank Guarantees etc.

The system provides for secure floating of tender details and submission of bids using data encryption for authorized users belonging to registered companies in the application.

The system provides an interface for the company to float tenders. The process is initiated by a requisition of a tender to be floated for a work/service, these requisitions are routed to the relevant authority, who in turn floats the tender to be made available to registered suppliers to view the same and bid for them.

Functionality (Buyer's Side)
The functionality of eTendering system for Buyer Company is as follows:


  • Enables the authorized user to create a tender and send it for approval to the Approval authorized user
  • Once approved the Tender can be forwarded to a user for creating the tender committee

Tenders Manager

Pre-Qualification process

  • Authorized user can select registered suppliers with a invitation and prequalification documents
  • Suppliers invited for Pre-Qualification can send in response for the documents
  • Responses are evaluated and then suppliers are made a Pre-Qualified

Tender Committee

  • Authorized user shall form committee of tender evaluation for the approved tenders

Tender Notice ( Buyer Company)

  • User shall be able to view the approved tenders for which Committee has been formed
  • User shall give the tender details viz. documents, conditions, tender description, dates for tender submission, tender opening and tender finalization and floats the tender
  • The tenders are encrypted while sending to the suppliers
  • The tender could be sent to all registered suppliers and alternatively only to the pre-qualified suppliers

View Evaluation

  • User shall be able to view the evaluations sent by the committee members
  • User shall be able to compare the evaluation and view the average value for the parameters given by the Committee members for the bids
  • User shall be able to award the tender to one of the supplier by uploading the letter of Award


Briefing note

  • The committee member for the tender shall receive all the Bids sent by various suppliers for the tender
  • On the opening date of the tender, the committee member shall be able to prepare a briefing note on the bids received from various suppliers
  • Committee member can now send the Briefing note to the accounts department for Vetting


  • Committee member shall be able to view the vetted briefing note
  • Committee member shall be able to compare various bids received for the tender and give rating based on the defined parameters
  • Committee member shall send the evaluation to the tenders manager



  • The accounts department user shall be able to view the the briefing notes of various tenders sent for vetting
  • User shall vet the briefing note with comments and sent the same for evaluation to the committee along with specified parameters of evaluation

Functionality (Seller's Side)
The functionality of eTendering Application for supplier company are as follows:

Tenders Participation


  • Supplier can view pre-qualification invitation and respond to the same by sending the required documents

Tender Submission

  • Supplier shall be able to view the Tenders available for participation
  • Supplier shall be able to download the tender schedule and place the bid for the tender along with payment details for EMD, Tender schedule and quote his bid value
  • The above details of the Bid and documents being sent by the supplier are encrypted

Tenders Acceptance

  • Supplier shall be able download the Letter of Award and shall respond by either accepting or rejecting the same along with comments