Software solution for relationship management built on both Java and .Net architecture

Products and Solutions


Virinchi Active
Active is a suite of Software solution for relationship management. The product has been built on both Java and .Net architecture. The suite includes the following:

  • Active Analytical: Provides analysis and valuation of corporate process
  • Active Collaborative: This is a collaborative portal based on marketing services which supports relationship within the firm environment (Knowledge Management) and between the firm and its client (development, loyalty, customer assistance)
  • Active Operative: The tool enables sales force support and managing of existing customer database

Key Functional Modules

Active Analytical

  • Analysis and assessment
  • Performance

Active Operative

  • Customer Database Management
  • Users/customers management
  • Contacts Management

Active Co-Operative

  • Users Management
  • Interface and Content Management
  • Customer Management
  • Customer assistance
  • Help Desk