i-Acquisto - eProcurement solution for Banking, Finance and Insurance sector

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Private Exchange Enabler (PEE) iAcquisto
Virinchi i-Acquisto - eProcurement solution for Banking, Finance and Insurance sector Virinchi iAcquisto is a domain dependent application instance (verticalization) of Private Exchange Enabler (PEE) for banking. i-Acquisto has been developed keeping in mind the current procurement, process configuration and workflow requirements of Banking, Finance and Insurance sectors providing for an end - to- end procurement solution. The solution provides for a highly robust and transparent system enabling integration with existing systems and third party/legacy systems.

The Administration module provides for the maintenance and administration activities of the enterprise. The Administration module provides the Admin (an entity at the Organizational level) with features like creation of Users, definition of User Roles and their hierarchy, creation of Business Units and definition of their hierarchy and Purchase rules.

User Role Hierarchy
The user roles are defined at the company level and are mapped in a hierarchical manner i.e. roles are mapped as child to an existing role which is its parent, and the inheritance of the roles is facilitated in a manner such that the parent role inherits all the access rights of its child levels, also the same can be viewed graphically.

Business Unit
This functionality provides buyer company admin to map the various business units of an organization to an n-tier hierarchical organization structure and link the users to one of these entities in the Organization, Presently 3 level of business units are provided and user can be linked to the business unit.

Purchase Rules
The buyer company admin holds the discretion to define the Purchase Mechanisms for the business units at various hierarchical levels. Product Classification is effective in Auction, RFQ and Catalog (Shopping Cart) modules.

Budget Plan
This functionality enables the business units to prepare the procurement budget for a defined time period. Budget module facilitates the branches and other sub-entities to prepare a forecast budget which is sent to the approving entity. The budget plan is edited or approved by the approving entity.

Comprehensive workflow enables buyer company admin to define workflow for documents in the Application as defined below:

  • Action Setup: Provides for enabling/disabling standard actions for various documents in the application.
  • Role Setup: Provides for selection actions to be allowed by a role for a selected document in a buyer company.
  • Rules: Provides for defining value based rules on various documents for Approve and Send actions.
  • Auto Routing: Provides defining rules for documents stagnated in a selected state for an identified duration to be routed to a selected Role for a pre-defined action.

Demand Aggregation
The functionality facilitates buyer entities to aggregate the requests from different purchase mechanisms viz. Procurement Plan, Purchase Requisition and Shopping Cart. A single RFQ can be raised for the aggregated requests effectively providing for a single PO to be raised and sent to suppliers at multiple locations.

Contract Management
Buyers have the facility to create contracts with the preferred suppliers on the various "Product Class" being sold by the suppliers. The buyer has the facility to refer to the contract while raising a PO (PO details are generated based on the contractual terms and conditions).

Asset Management
The System manages the assets of a company. It registers and maintains the asset details. The module allows for editing asset details and location over time until the asset has either been disposed or written-off.