24x7 offshore production support & maintenance for Technology/Monitoring & Support/Change Management


Maintenance & Support Practice

Maintenance & Support Practice
The Maintenance & Support arm of Virinchi provides customers with 24x7 offshore production support & maintenance services for their applications. Virinchi proposes a Value Cube of Virinchi Production Support & Maintenance Services whereby,Virinchi addresses all the needs on the Technology/Monitoring & Support/Change Management Dimensions of the clients applications. These services for clients are provided with contractual guarantees encompassing stringent Service Level Agreements, Corporate Guarantees and Liquidated Damages on failure to adhere to the contractual guarantees.

Our extensive experience in providing application maintenance and support services has helped IT departments spend less on maintaining enterprise applications thus improving their contribution to the bottom-line. Some of the benefits of engaging with Virinchi are as follows:

  • Reduced total cost of ownership
  • Passing on year-on-year productivity gains
  • Improved application stability and performance
  • SLA Based engagement model

Virinchi’s Value Cube of Maintenance & Support:

Our Offerings in this area include the following:

  • Application Maintenance
  • SLA Based Production Support
  • Management of Requests & Incidents